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our process


The Discover stage of our process is all about us listening to you. We want to learn all about your business, what you need to accomplish in your new space, and what problems you’re trying to solve. We also use this time to understand your budget and define the scope of the project so that we can begin to develop solutions that will meet your needs and design preferences.


During this phase of the process, we begin to brainstorm ideas, discuss trends and show you examples 3d tour of what’s possible. We work toward that “Lightbulb Moment” and finding out what truly excites you. From there, we draw plans to see what will work to turn your vision into reality.


Now that the plans are done, they’re augmented with 3D renderings to confirm that what looks good on paper also looks good in practice. Along with this, our Interior Designers work with you to select fabrics and finishes, allowing you to touch what you can see in the designs.


The point where your Concept comes to life. Project managers work with any outside contractors to guarantee that our in-house installers deliver and complete everything on time. This is followed by ergonomic training to make sure you and your space fit perfectly together. The final walkthrough assures that your vision has become reality.


The project may be complete, but your relationship with your new space is just beginning. And EBi will be there with you, as an easily accessible resource, ready to share more information with you and help you grow within your space.