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The Discover stage of our process is all about us listening to you. We want to learn all about your business, what you need to accomplish in your new space and what problems you are trying to solve.  We also use this time to understand your budget and define the scope of the project so that we can begin to develop solutions that will meet your needs and design preferences.


The goal of the Concept stage is to give you options that fit your needs and preferences. To get there, we discuss current trends, look for inspiration from vendors or other projects, and even do showroom tours to show you what is possible. We brainstorm different solutions that will meet your needs and your budget. We also create block plans, to get a feel for how our ideas may work within your space.



Once we have the Concept nailed down, we move onto the Design stage. We create detailed floor plans and space planning drawings to lay out exactly where every element will go within your space. We also create 3D renderings of your new space, so that you can “step inside” of your future office and make sure it has the look and feel that you want. Our Design Consultants will assist you in selecting fabrics and finishes to complete the design.


Deliver is where the Design comes to life. Our project managers coordinate the project with any architects, contractors or your facilities team to make sure everything is completed on time. Our in-house team of professional installers will deliver and install your furnishings. We do ergonomic training to make sure your team will be comfortable in the space. We will do a final walkthrough of the space to make sure everything is perfect and will remedy anything that isn’t.


Although many of our relationships with customers begin as a single project those relationships do not end there. We follow up and continue to be a resource for you. We will send new trends and educational information and assist you in future growth opportunities.

 EBI stood head and shoulders above the competition when selecting a vendor for our recent new office build. From the day we brought them on board, they were fully engaged, they took our goals for the project to heart with our best interests.

Pete Vogel, CEO of Vogel Bros.

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