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Interior Design & Space Planning

Our experienced team of designers will work hard to create the space that works best for your business.

Installation & Move Management

EBI‘s in-house team of professional installers will make sure your new space look just like the designs.

Conceptual cost estimator

We work with over 250 different vendors. This allows us to help you create the space you want within your budget. 


 EBI takes sustainability seriously. We will help your company select the materials and furniture to meet your sustainability needs. We will also help you dispose of or recycle your old furniture in a responsible way. 

Project management

Building out a new office or re-designing your existing space involves a lot of moving parts. Our project managers keep all the plates spinning so you don’t have to worry.

Furniture and Fixtures

 EBI has been selling office furniture for over 70 years. With access to over 250 different vendors, we can get you the furniture, fixtures and finishes to create the space of your dreams. 

One of the things that really stood out with EBI was how they worked with our architect. The two of them were able to take our primitive thoughts and ideas and put them into a specific plan. 

RC Huhn, Viking Masek


HON Chair Chooser

Not all office chairs are created equal! Use this tool to select be best office chairs for every use case.

National Design Typicals

Design typicals are computer renderings of typical furniture arrangements. These are a great tool for seeing how the pieces fit together.

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