Weil Pump

About WEIL pump

Weil Pump and its sister company Scot Pump make large commercial pumps of many sizes that are shipped all over the world. Both are owned by Wilo, a German company. They both ended up with a makeover of their facilities respectively.

Weil Pump was the first one that was recommended to me to contact. They were looking at Steelcase and refurbished product. The original owners of the company did not update the office area in over 50 years. The goal by Jeff Plaster at Weil Pump is to show the German company that they needed an update to help employee productivity, to retain and hire new employees and create a welcoming atmosphere for guests and employees.

What We Did

After reviewing their needs from paint to carpet to furniture to a new interior layout, we first created a new look in their training room. Once they realized how much effect we put into our proposal against the competition and our pricing, they realized we were a good partner to work with.

The result was giving them everything they needed in an existing space creating a welcoming atmosphere for all with an efficient work environment. The complement was to be able to redo their sister company Scot Pump which is a larger office environment using the same look and finishes.

So far Wilo from German likes everything that was done at both locations. They now both are in the 21st century for attracting and retaining employees.

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