Princeton Library

About Princeton Library

The Princeton Library is dedicated to providing the public with knowledge and enrichment in many forms, and to bringing cultural, artistic, and educational community events to all ages. Our free services include tech help, downloadable ebooks and audiobooks, book clubs, story time for preschool children, and the loan of books, dvds, cds, audiobooks, magazines, and more.

What We Did

EBI provided multiple furniture layout and product options while ensuring that the amount of storage would fit the requested increase of their collection, and we came in under budget. We also provided interior design service, selecting building finishes such as flooring, tile, casework, and wall colors to integrate the aesthetics of the building with that of the furniture. 

The client’s design goals were to create a comfortable, welcoming, library that would neither feel too old-fashioned nor too modern. When asked if EBI accomplished these goals the client responded with: “Yes, I was impressed with EBI’s design assistance. They created a space that fit my vision very well. I appreciated their responsiveness to my design ideas and the visuals they bought to our meetings.”  

Want Your Space To Look This Good?