Oconomowoc School District

About Oconomowoc School District

 The Oconomowoc Area School District is a k-12 district that provides education to over 5300 students in our community.  We have 8 schools in our district, including 5 elementary, 2 intermediate, and 1 high school.

Initially, we contacted EBI to help us with several referendum projects including the renovation of school spaces, addition to schools spaces, and building a brand-new elementary school.  We had considered using the architectural firm to help us outfit these spaces, but met with EBI based upon a recommendation from another district. And I am so happy that we followed up on this recommendation.

Our goal was to create learning environments where students can be successful.  To provide flexible, collaborative spaces for our kids to learn and grow. We wanted to create spaces that were clean, warm, and inviting while providing flexibility to adapt to changes instructional techniques and meet the needs of diverse learners.  Of course, we desired to do all of this, while adhering to a budget and tight project timeline.

What We Did

EBI took the time to listen to our needs and be responsive to our budget constraints.  We had several projects going on at one time and they worked with us to meet the unique needs of each of project, while sticking to the budgets, and completing the projects on time.

EBI used a collaborative approach with our team – meeting with our administrators, teachers, and architects.  They listened to how we hoped to function and what we wanted to achieve in each of the spaces. Then, EBI came back to us with various options to consider.  They also allowed our teachers to try furniture pieces in our existing classrooms to ensure they would function as desired with our various age levels. They drafted space plans for each of the rooms, created renderings for us to visualize the spaces, and put together amazing product boards.  The product boards included pictures of the space and furniture, along with actual samples of the finishes, fabrics, and laminates. These boards were places in high-traffic visible spaces to share excitement for what was to come.

Knowing how important it was to adhere to the projects’ budgets, EBI never tried to oversell us.  They provided several options to considering keeping in mind not only our budget, but also product quality.  They were also response to the needs of our buildings and grounds team, suggesting products that were easy to clean and maintain.  

I’d recommend the EBI team for all of the reasons that I have already highlighted.  They were a responsive, customer-service focused team that partnered with our district to ensure the success (from all perspectives) of our projects.

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