This was a project 17 years in the making and EBI helped that dream come true for the founder, Chris Her-Xiong.

The story: https://www.myhapa.org/story/


EBI spent just short of 2 years understanding the goals of the HAPA team for their new High School. We worked with their Construction Company, Architects, the HAPA staff as well as the team from EBI to be sure we hit the mark. We moved forward together and stayed on schedule. Much of this happened during the heart of the pandemic.

What we heard, which was important to the school and the CEO, is that we are all committed to the scholars, staff and faculty and furniture follows suit.
There is a theme in the ceiling, lighting and furniture that flows like the Mekong River, which is focal. The calming movement and a centerpiece were stressed throughout the process. The finishes selected are calming and soothing and standardized throughout the building.
The end result is a showpiece for the community! Chris said over and over every student regardless of their socioeconomic status deserves a great place to learn and thrive. We are honored to be a part of its success today and for years to come.

Want Your Space To Look This Good?