Capelle Bros. & Diedrich Inc.


For over 70 years the values of Safety, Quality, Commitment, Innovation, and Integrity have influenced the day-to-day actions at Capelle Bros. & Diedrich, Inc., and guide them in the relationships with their partners and clients. Sticking to these values is what has set them apart in the construction industry and will keep their long list of satisfied customers coming back to them for many more years to come.

What We Did

Capelle Bros. & Diedrich, Inc. was building a new facility in Fond Du Lac, WI, and we wanted to give them a space they would be excited to bring clients to for years to come. We partnered with an independent designer and architectural firm who paired Iron Age’s modern industrial office furniture with the proper lighting, flooring, and accent walls to leave Capelle Bros. & Diedrich, Inc. with a modern and vibrant space that their employees and customers will appreciate.

We had high expectations for our project.  From design to manufacturing to delivery… The entire EBI team has shown great commitment to us and has always gone the extra mile to be certain we are satisfied.  The end result was a product we can all be proud of.  
Todd A. Diedrich


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