Years ago, you might have seen some work stations with brightly colored panel trims. And then there was the orange, avocado, and brown seating and panel fabric with oak desks everywhere trend. Baby boomers out there, like me, would recall these images.

Then moving into the 90s where the grey tones moved in, along with navy and burgundy, and throw in some teal and mauve! Color trends can be great with the new Fall clothing fashions, but businesses tend to steer away from finishes that could easily become outdated in a few years. Office furnishings need to last in both quality and appearance.

Today we see more neutral tones within the office furniture basics, the work stations, desks and flooring. Color or “Bling” is added with accent colors being introduced through painted walls, fabric on seating, and in accessories like artwork and lamps.

Adding smaller touches of color is less intrusive, and when colors become outdated, these small accent pieces are easier to replace (or paint over!).

Color Green Chair Color accent stools 

So what accent colors should you choose?

Well, this is the fun part! Many times companies use their brand colors as accent colors. For example, at the EBI Madison showroom, we use accent colors of green and purple, our brand colors!

Color madison showroom

It can be as simple as pulling color from the fibers in your flooring to add “POP”. This red chair highlights the red accents from the carpet.

color red big chair color accented carpet

And painting accent walls within your facility can add some great bling and dimension to the office space too. Accent walls are a great solution if your organization is looking to add color on a budget!

color accent wall

EBI Can help! 

Our professional design and sales consultants can help you select the colors that fit your culture and image.   And what’s coming for 2015 . . . . We will let you know – stay tuned!

color pantone color of the year

Pantone's color of the year 2014.