Ever have a rogue paperclip latch onto an important document and it turns up weeks later in a totally unrelated file? Rogue Paperclip

We can all relate to the frustration of not being able to find something in our workspaces. How much time have you wasted lately looking for something in your less-than-organized work space? Some individuals tend to be more organized than others, but if you don’t have sufficient storage in your work area, it can be a challenge for anyone.

Here are a few thought starters and tips of what can make a difference to help you get and stay organized at work.

#1 De-Clutter your work surface!

Work orgaization work rail

Our first suggestion to alleviate cluttered work space is to get things up off your desk. This can be accomplished using a work rail, also known as a work wall that stores files and folders, accessories, lamps and much more. Work rails keep your materials close by but off the desk’s main work area. Your desk surface can then be used for your work at hand.

#2 Make your work easy to find!

work organization desk

Don’t make every task a hunting trip! Let your work be easy to find with a desk mounted organizational shelf. This tool also offers areas for folders, phones, and small items that get in the way by taking up precious desk space. This type of solution works well for those in limited spaces.

#3 Make sure everything has its own place!

work organization updated desk

Having a place for everything is important in keeping your workspace organized too. Consider moving outdated materials off your desk or out of your office and into an archival storage area.

We love helping people find solutions that will add value and make them more productive and happier in their workspace. Incorporating a few tools into a work area can mean better productivity and avoiding frustration, putting an end to the I-knew-I-put-it-somewhere episodes!