Your company needs to provide a work area for only one employee or maybe several employees.  You have worked with a design/space panning professional, maybe someone here at EBI, and collectively have created a work space that will support the individuals and the work that they do.   Now for the fun part, selecting the fabric and finishes!

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wearability picture 3  wearability picture 4

Not only are you wanting the right look and image for your organization, but you want it to look good for several years to come.   And there are so many fabrics and finishes to choose from.  Before you make your final decision, check for wear-ability and that the fabric fits the application. Your sales/design professional can be very helpful in making this decision as well.

wearability blue chair  wearability picture 5

wearability fabric swatches

The following are some of the ratings placed on panel and seating fabric:

  • Abrasion- Ratings based on the amount of double rubs it can endure before showing wear or failure.
  • Lightfastness- How resistant are the colors to fading when exposed to natural light?
  • Stain resistance – Will the fabric be slow to absorb spills?
  • Cleaning codes – What cleaning processes can be used on the material?

And once your new furniture is installed, you need to provide the proper care to ensure that it stays looking great for years to come. There are product care guides available from the manufacturers that instruct you on how to clean your new furnishings. Be sure to share this information with your cleaning provider or department.

Below are a few links to product care guides:

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