The media has been abuzz with the results of multiple studies, all stating how sitting all day raises the risk of diabetes, heart disease, cancer and obesity.

This has drawn attention to the importance of how we work. Adding a sit to stand desk is only one solution to a bigger problem! We are all spending more time in our work areas, trying to meet deadlines with our heavy workloads. Hours can fly by from the last time we even moved more than a few inches.

Just as there is not just one size of worker or one type of job function, there is not just one solution to make a real difference. 

And for employers, when your team members are “comfortable” you will have better productivity. Have you ever tried to concentrate on work when something hurts?

Here are six workspace options to consider for creating a healthy work station:

1. Choice of sitting or standing while working

  • Height adjustable bases and tables
  • Work surface mounted at standing height & use with a stool to sit
  • A mechanism attached to your existing desk which allows you to raise and lower your work area to standing or sitting height.

adjustable small tableadjustable bigger table

woman sitting at chairadjustable workstation


2. Monitor height to prevent neck and eye strain issues

  • Monitor arms, both single and dual are available

moving monitorstretched moving monitor

3. Lighting

  • Non-glaring light, as well as placing light where and when you need it is important for productivity, especially for us older workers when vison changes may occur.
  • Add desk or floor lamps to adjust for lack of lighting or placement of lighting. Try using full spectrum bulbs for a more natural look.

ceiling lightsidekick lamp

4. Feet placement on the floor while you work

  • If your feet don’t touch the floor, use a footrest. Some even have massage and heat features!
  • Footrests help with posture, circulation, back problems and people with short physiques.


5. Supportive and comfortable office chair

  • There are so many chair options to choose from and at a wide price spread. I will be posting a blog on this key element of a healthy work station soon so stay tuned.

office chair

6. Other things to consider

  • A clean work area. Making sure the work area is free of dust and grime and thoroughly cleaned on a regular basis.
  • Opportunity for exercise and movement throughout the day. A simple walk around the office gives your brain a break, increases circulation and lowers stress levels.
  • Access to natural light, which improves employee mood and performance.
  • Privacy when needed
  • Areas to freely collaborate

One thing is for sure, we all need to add more fun to our workdays! Laughing and smiling is a powerful stress reducer and helps you connect with your fellow coworkers. Start a joke board at work, bring in small breakfast items once a month for everyone, or host a fun and friendly contest at work to help boost morale!

bouncy fun balls